Am I a Transcendental Youth?

"The loneliest people in the whole wide world are the ones you're never going to see again." - The Mountain Goats, "Harlem Roulette"

I’m sick of the lock-and-key metaphor for male and female relationships. Let’s get a new one!

People are like puzzle pieces.

Male, female, gay, straight, bisexual, pansexual, trans*, asexual, etc. Everyone is a puzzle piece. Some are composed entirely of parts sticking out, others entirely of holes, and some have some of each. It really doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of the puzzle which is which. No one combination is better than another. 

You can often make a piece stick with many other pieces, but only some of them will match in terms of the picture of the puzzle as a whole. Sometimes you have to try a piece with many other pieces before you find one that works, but all those tries and combinations don’t make the piece any more or less valuable to the puzzle as a whole. Likewise, if a person has sex with or dates many people, it doesn’t change their value as a person.

Not only that, but a puzzle piece never fits with just one other piece. Puzzle pieces have multiple sides and multiple means of connection to other pieces. Some pieces, like corner pieces or edge pieces, may not fit snugly with as many pieces as a piece in the middle, which may match with 4 different pieces. Heck, the puzzle could be nontraditional and there could be 20-sided pieces. Society is a big puzzle. Who knows. Likewise, a person can have deep, meaningful relationships with multiple people over their lifetime. For some people that may be only one or two other people, but for some it may be more. A person could have more than one at the same time if they like. The relationships don’t even have to be sexual, if that’s not your thing. And no piece is really more valuable than another, because every piece is needed to complete the puzzle.

Obviously no metaphor is perfect, but really bad metaphors keep slipping into cultural legitimacy and I can’t take it anymore.